Our Mision

Contribute to the transformation and updating of the States, Government and publics and privates Hospitals Groups, but above all, help to the progress on individuals and the civil society of the Arab and Latin American countries, fomenting and facilitating the access to the best and more advance health care services and wellbeing. It´s our desire make it clear that we provide the service as many individuals, institutions and organizations as require, and all this with the best quality avaible, innovative capacity, professionalism, respect, information, efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness. We contribute to the improvement of the demographic health and we choose the client as priority center of our activity.

We are an European performer that operates from Tulaitula (Spain) to the rest of the world, with a special bet for excellency and the optimization of technological health resources avaibles in the contractor institution. Our daily bet is base on a transforming and updating will and the constant improvement of the health institutions, seeking to create and implement technological integrals solutions highly competitive that increase the operational performance of the HIS and to optimize the clinic-financial management, avoiding the infrautilización of the exceptional health system capabilities.

Because of all this and the excellency of the specialized knowledge on the HIS we own, we seek to:

  • Operate with integrity to win and deserve the trust of our associates

  • Be leaders based on the excellence of our technological specialized knowledge on the health technologies and the SHI.

  • Work endlessly to reach the 100% of the planned goals.

  • Create added value and succeed on transforming and updating of the health institutions.

  • Be competitive and become profitable to our associates.

  • Prove respect, tolerance and understanding of the social cultural diversity.

  • Be able to work efficiently in a multilateral ambiance.

  • Add value to the enriching experience within the NHS from Spain.

  • Demonstrate value, respect and security to our people and our clients.

  • Provide specialized technical knowledge highly qualified provided by the highest shares of scientific quality.

  • Form and train local’s leaders through the transference of knowledge.

  • Create and support through time a working atmosphere where creativity, multilateralism and social cultural diversity are appreciated.

When someone asks, what is the best you have to offer at THCG?, we always have the same answer, and to be as well and invitation to know us. “There is a need that most NHS and health institutions demand; that is to transform and update themselves to become more effective and efficient with a calling for excellence and a high quality criteria.