Our Objetives

THCG provides nowadays every essential need that may be required to transform and update the institutions and health organizations, until they become solid, worldwide leaders and a reference in the health care field.

That is why the objectives may vary depending on the project to be developed and the actions steps needed, but in general terms we can establish:

Strategy Objective:  Contribute to the transform, modernization, and update of the National Health System (NHS) and the public and private health institutions and organizations. That is the reason why we exist and of our daily activities.

Specific Objectives: some of these could be

  • Contribute with the transformation, modernization and update of the States and the public or private Hospitals.
  • Contribute to development  the individuals and civil society of the arab and Latin american countries,  mostly fomenting and facilitating the access of the best and most advance health and wellbeing services.
  • Worki with a transforming and updating will and a constant improvement of the Health’s Systems and the healthcare institutions.
  • Implementing integral technological solutions, highly competitive that increase the operational performance and optimize the clinic-financial management, avoiding the underutilization of the outstanding capabilities of the Health Systems and the healthcare institutions.
  • Design and implement technological information circuits to be able to control and improve the operatively and management of all potential needs may have the Health Systems and healthcare organizations. 
  • Other objectives are in direct relation with the need of the contracting clients