Our Technical Assitance Specialized on Health TI

The specialized technical assistance that THCG offers, it´s a technical cooperation mode based on the operational excellence that promotes the people wellbeing and the society progress. We foment the transform, modernization and updating of the health systems and the empowerment of individual and institutional capabilities of the healthcare organizations through the implantation and generalization of the more advance HIS.

We work for the strengthening of the health effectors helping in the transformation of the health organizations until they become more solid and leaders and referents in the healthcare field. We consider ourselves essential in the improvement of the health assistance quality and to achieve the operational excellence on the healthcare field.

In THCG we lead projects of Specialized Technical Assistance in Health Information Systems (HIS); Clinical Coding & Clinical and Financial Management, Electronic Medical Records, Clinical Documentation, File & Electronic Clinical History, Innovation & New Health Technologies, that contribute to enhancing individual and institutional capacity through the design, development and implementation of new models of healthcare based on the most advanced HIS.

THCG utilized an integral and complete approach with the objective of improving the individual and institutional capabilities of the administrations and healthcare companies, seeking to join them in the updating process including the clinic transformation of the assistive model, implementing integral solution of HIS that increment the operational performance and clinic-financial, avoiding at all times the underutilization of their huge capabilities on the healthcare.