Our Traid Mark

We Make the Difference

The difference with the our competition it´s our leadership and coordination handle by an specialist doctors on Health Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records, Documentation and Electronic Clinical History, Innovation & New Health Technologies, backup by others doctors and engineers highly qualified.

We are supported by an academic highly qualified knowledge and improved by a large experience acquired on public hospitals of the National Health Service from Spain, worldwide leader on the health field and a referent on health technologies information. The staff of THCG had been active part of the updating of the NHS and the CLM hospitals innovating, developing and implementing the Health Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records, Documentation and Electronic Clinical History, Innovation & New Health Technologies like: Electronic Medical Records, Documentation and Electronic Clinical History including the digitization and electronic integration of the clinical documentation on paper support , clinical station of radiological image, clinical station of urgent care, clinical station of hospitalizations, clinical station of the outpatient, surgical clinical station and Theatre management including outpatient surgery, clinical station of genecology and obstetrics including mother-child relationship, clinical station of oncology, clinical station of the intensive care, clinical station of dermatology, clinical station of inter-consultations, management prescription and electronic drugs administration, clinical station for managing  and discharge hospital beds, patient safety systems and clinical station for risk health alerts, scorecards and clinical and financial management, statistics and key indicators of hospital activity and  healthcare quality indicators,  so thereby achieve the creation of new medical working models in an electronically environment that overcame the limitations of the traditional Medical Records in paper support.

The design and functional modeling of this new electronically environment establish an even bigger challenge for the health institutions and organizations to overcame, because it´s confront conflicting interests of three keys elements: Healthcare laws from the states and their implementation (internal rules) by the healthcare institutions, health professionals (doctors, nurses…) and their needs and, finally, the real needs of the managers to take future decisions based on the real information of the organization.

We guaranteed a functional design of an electronically space that be a gentle encounter formalizing an interest alliance of interests of the participating parts, achieving an effective harmony on the working environment and on the service feature and economy.