Projects Developing

Projects Developing Fases Leads by THCG and Working Mode

  1. To reach an institutional consensus (representation of the contracting institution and THCG experts) so they can, through a global perspective, proceed to the general definition of the project.

  2. To reach a professional consensus for a pragmatic development of the project.

  3. To present an initial report including an analysis of the previous situation (DAFO analysis, legislative frameworks of the contracting country)

  4. Define the strategic framework of the major acting lines of the project THCG must develop, including:

  • Justification and relevance of the project that THCG has propose.
  • Differentiation of the existing practice and relevance of action.
  • To define strategic, specific and secondary objectives.
  • To define the target population and the scope of application.
  • To determine the provided impacts.
  • To determine the foreseeable difficulties (foreseeable problematic) associate it to the development and implementation of the project and the possible solutions to solve them.
  • To define strategies, design interventions and elaborate an activity plan including: the strategic objectives, the operational objectives, the activities and the foreseeable actions, the responsible of such, the duration of each activity, the objective and verifiable results when the dead line is reached for each activity (results indicators)
  • To elaborate and present the acting and intervention schedule including the fazes of the project (foreseeable activities)
  1. Project operational execution of the foreseeable activities.

  2. To present partial reports (quarterly) for a project follow up including the objective verifiable obtain results and difficulties encounter.

  3. To present a final report including the obtain results and conclusions.

All of our projects must prove to the States, Governments, Institutions and contracting health Organizations, four basic characteristics:

  1. Relevance, effectiveness and viability justification of the propose acting mode by THCG and a differentiation form other existing practice, including:

  • Demonstrate that the acting and activities propose are right, practical and suitable with the objectives and expected results.
  • Demonstrate that the activities plan is clear and doable
  • Demonstrate that result indicators of each activity are objectively verifiable.
  1. Sustainability Performance propose by THCG:

  • Demonstrate that the actions and activities approach had the tangible effects able to produce the expected changes.
  • Demonstrate that the actions and activities approach are going to have the muplicator effect including, the reproduction possibility and an extension of the action results and information results.
  1. Sustainability of the provided results to be reach by THCG:

  • Our strong commitment its to overcome every expectation of the contracting institution (client) guarantee, by the end of the project, a total institutional appropriation of the reach results, a complete sharing of specialized technical knowledge and solid and stables structures that allow them to carry on with the activities once the action it´s completed.
  • In many projects we foresee the development of regulations and functions rules for the transformation and updating of the health systems including the creation of new models and functioning methods of the health organizations or health systems. This may be useful to impulse local or national’s health legislative developments, in function with the contracting needs.
  • We guarantee that all our actions and acting will be made with a strict respect to the environment and that the obtain results will have a positive result on the environment.
  1. A systematic working mode seeking to transform and update and prioritize the health technological information initiatives:

  • To define the professional experience profiles for each of the fazes provided.
  • To form specifics working groups for the projected activities matching the define profiles
  • To form an expert group for the follow up of the project including the representation of the contracting institution an THCG

The technological initiatives to be prioritized will have in consideration a number of criteria covering some need, opportunity, factibility, legacy, security, functionality and operational Excellency elements.