Dr. Saiegh, President and CEO of the THCG.

“Near you, at any given moment at any given time… we´ll be there for you”

At THCG we are starting a new phase, full with illusions and challenges. Through a formalized stakeholders alliance ( Associates – THCG- Experts) we pretend to become worldwide leaders on the system of health information field. As well as be part of the transformation y updating of the health system and the different institutions and health organizations, where they are.

Form in 2012, Health Consulting Group (THCG), is a health adviser to the service of States, Governments and public or private Hospital Groups, highly specialized in Health Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records, Documentation and Electronic Clinical History, Innovation & New Health Technologies. THCG, based on excellence accompanies the updating process of the hospitals and health’s systems. Contributing to transform and update the instution and health organizations, making them more solid and turning them into health care worldwide leaders.

THCG, as a medical consulting group is supported by a global vision of the health system and the specialized technical knowledge on HIS:

  • Offers technical assistance highly specialized for technology update projects on the health care field.

  • Offers integrals solutions regarding HIS

  • Contributes to update and transform the traditional health models, and lead the transition to new operational models, based on the innovation of the HIS

  • Contributes to the knowledge transference, formation and training of local leaders.

  • Others (see the thematic working section of THCG)

We also offer complementary services and additional to whom requires it. Ultimately, our associates will have to their disposal the best human resources avaible and get the best results they could ever dram of, with an integral, efficient and flexible working system. We promote and demand excellence, and it’s not due to any trick or magic, but to hard work, highly specialized and competitive that we put to the service and in defense to the interest of our associates.

Don´t have any doubts, your interest are ours… This is our intentions statement and the base of our business management. A model in which the defense of your financial and health interests it´s the tip of the spear of our work, and where, the transformation and update of the health system of the health institutions and organizations, are the reason of our existence and daily activities.