HIS and Hospital Emergencys

THCG place at the contracting health institutions disposal, committed experts with a international leadership and excellence, gifted with an outstanding curricular career, and a highly qualified technical knowledge backup and an extensive professional experience on System of Health Information at Hospital Emergency obtain within the best worldwide NHS and, moved by a transforming and updating calling, will supervise, evaluate, redirect or redesign if needed, not only structural but also functional, all the information systems and circuits at the contracting hospital emergency areas.

Willing to optimize the patients access and flux, eliminate physical and bureaucratic barriers, improve patient and professionals satisfaction, increase activities efficiency and effectiveness, quicken and improve emergency attention times and reduce waiting times for the emergency hospitalization, avoid inadequate hospital admission and improve the care quality in the hospital emergency area, at THCG we contribute in a significative manner and completely determinant to define circuits, design and generalized the implantation of applications, technologies and SHI, including:

  1. Circuits, applications and HIS for the patient emergency admission and identification.

  2. Circuits, applications and HIS for patient and family attention.

  3. Circuits, applications and HIS for triage and patient flux: Intern Medicine, Pediatric, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Surgery ORL and Urology.

  4. Circuits, applications and HIS for emergency patient attention including health staff secure identification, patient allocation, HCE elaboration including emergency electronic reports in function with CBGD (see HCE at hospitalization area), lab results and radiology, internal trespass between services…

  5. Circuits, applications and HIS for specialized interconsultation.

  6. Circuits, applications and HIS for electronic admission and discharge orders.

  7. Circuits, applications and HIS for obstetrics admissions orders related to birth. Mother- Child secure identification system, electronic record of birth control (birth book). Coexistence and Compatibility between midwives and medics clinical records.

  8. Circuits, applications and HIS to prioritize complementary tests.

  9. Circuits, applications and HIS to design attention individualized plans according to quality judgment and security assistance.

  10. Circuits, applications and HIS to quicken the emergency admission bed assignment.

  11. Circuits, applications and HIS for medical notification of judicial and police authorities (judicial report)

  12. Circuits, applications and HIS emergency informed consent.

  13. Circuits, applications and HIS of the average attention time provided according to the gravity of the situation and the existing workload at every given time.

  14. Circuits, applications and HIS to manage emergency transportation (ambulance).

  15. Quality indicators (process) of emergency activity.

  16. Management indicators (result) of the emergency activity.

  17. Circuits, applications and HIS for family and patient’s notification and information.

  18. Formation and training for the health staff plan on a daily basis.

  19. Risks reduction and patient security improvement plans rewarding all activity in any of the hospital emergency areas.

It´s convenient to highlight that all the THCG experts reached achievements, the functional design, planning, structural development and the implementation of the Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo emergency information system (SIURG) and the creation of a new working model, along this, for the emergency health staff and the implementation success had been remarked between other European community hospital